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Is the Press Release Dead?

I’ve written about the SMR as a newer way of disseminating information, but does that mean the traditional press release is dead?  We saw that Tom Foremski believes so, and that certainly others disagree, but let’s delve into this issue a little more.

Simon Dumenco’s article hailing the death of the press release was met with much criticism in his comments section. Several responses in opposition to this claimed that many firms still issue thousands of press releases everyday, and that many people preferred the traditional press release.  Some suggested that only the nature of the release is changing.

Is there a clear cut answer to this question? According to an article written by Ian Campstick, Todd Defren, who helped form the SMR claims that most PR people hate the press release.  Defren considers them to be too manufactured, overdone, and not newsworthy. Then again, according to a survey of journalists, 75% said that well targeted press releases with valuable content are still useful. As mentioned in the post, it seems obvious that a device that is highly effective, almost no matter what the medium, would still be an appreciated tool, but the fact that 25% of journalists still rejected the press release means that the 75% find something of value in the traditional press release.

These contradictions may make it seem like there is no answer, but perhaps the enthusiasm of the debate means that the press release is not dead quite yet. Some certainly still use it while some definitely do not. Knowing who to send either a social media release or a traditional press release may be the key.

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