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Who Blogs?

Another idea worth researching is finding out who actually blogs. Knowing characteristics, demographics, interests, etc., can help practitioners really fine tune a message to a blogger that should make your voice heard in the blogosphere.

Who's the blogger behind the computer screen?

Technorati’s, State of the Blogosphere, offers some of the most in depth information on who bloggers are. The amount of information and lessons one can take away from this is seemingly endless, but I’ll try to highlight some key points. For one, bloggers are typically well educated and wealthy. This means they have degrees, and many of them work in the industry they blog about, making them experts.  This may be something to keep in mind when sending something to a blogger. Your credibility in their industry could play a role too.

To iterate this point, here is a page devoted to the 10 most popular carpentry blogs alone. Bloggers aren’t just people who say what they did today. They are professionals, and they tend to be experienced too.  Many have a very specific knowledge that people find to be useful, and although less than half make money, many of them are.

It is also very important to keep in mind that 35% of bloggers used to or still do work in traditional media. This means that they know what they are doing, and of course, it means you need to know what you are doing as well when communicating with them. A poor pitch or press release may be more apparent to them than to other bloggers, so it is imperative to stay on your game.

Finally, they bloggers active on the web. Most update their blog several times a week.  This means that they care about their blog and spend quite a bit of time online. They know what is going on in their industry, and they are savvy. Hopefully this sheds some light on who exactly is behind the computer screen.

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